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Alternating Stair Walkover


This model is designed for the food industry in sanitary applications.

Alternating steps built into this model helps improve the total footprint on the production floor. This is ideal for tight areas where a traditional walkover will interrupt passing aisle ways or the production floor.


The alternating stair design is recognized by OHSA and certified. Design has been completed to the OBC 2012 & OBC 2012 r2020 & to OHSA 0. REG. 851

Platform / Tank / Piping & Alternating Stair Setup

These dry tanks are for biogas fuel conditioning. The fuel conditioning system is just one of many components that require proper integration expertise to make them all work. Our engineers can provide the leadership and expertise necessary to ensure the integration of all components is complete and the system delivers when it’s ready to be put into service.

Design has been completed to the OBC 2012 & OBC 2012 r2020 & to OHSA 0. REG. 851

Welding & Metal Polishing

Another service hard to find and yet we offer it. We specialize in welding and polishing all series of stainless steel. The example below is a filler bowl for the dairy industry. We are well knowledgable in the food, dairy and beverage industry. It doesn't stop there, we also design and build for the waste and mining industry. 

Fabrication Drawings

We also offer detailed drawings if you are a capable fabrication shop. 

The example below is a cooling tunnel.

We can also certify your project with certified drawings. Our turn lead times are quick and painless.

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